One Fine Day in Ireland

“I attended cooking school in Ireland before starting college, so I was so happy to have an excuse to visit again last weekend to attend a good friend's wedding. Here are some of the highlights!”

- Madison


We took a red-eye flight from New York to Dublin and as soon as we landed we headed to Bread 41 for everything fresh milled and baked. The sausage roll is the best I've ever had, the breads are incredible, and the ethos is just what I value in a bakery. Take something for the road - you'll be glad you did!

10am | CAFFEINE 

We loved the coffee at Shoe Lane, just down the street from the bakery!


Two Pups is a coffee spot that has evolved into a restaurant with incredible food. Have a second cup for the day and enjoy a beautiful lunch - the kind of food I could eat every day! 


From here I recommend heading south to Ballycotton - be careful driving on the opposite side of the road! Once you arrive, the Ballycotton Cliff Walk is a lovely way to stretch your legs! 

4pm | PINTS

Pull in for your first pint at The Blackbird, a favorite local bar. 

6pm | DINNER

Schedule dinner at The Ballymaloe House - a formal affair that starts in the living room with cocktails and peruses the evenings menu which changes daily. From there you're escorted to a table in one of the beautiful rooms of the house and fed the most incredible five course meal - every single detail is attended to. The cheese course (my fave) is your second last before the dessert trolley is pushed tableside, well... not counting the petis fours they drop table sides as you finish with tea! 


You will very much enjoy staying at The Ballymaloe House - exploring the gardens, grounds, and neighboring cooking school (where I attended after high school!). The rooms are cozy and quintessential Irish and the setting is a total dream. Oh, and since it's a B&B, breakfast the next day is included and incredible - think fresh baked breads and pastries, yogurt from the cows on property, and fried eggs over fresh caught mackerel. 

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