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    Five Fine Things - 10/13

    "The ethos behind Fewer Finer is all about better things, and less of them. Rather than minimalism, it's about surrounding yourself with things you love. Ones with meaning, story, and personality. Five Fine Things highlights some of the pieces of my life that fall into the fewer, finer category; one that encompasses people, places, and physical things."

    - Madison

    I love this Moroccan Mint Tea inspired scent from Trudon, it's so calming and cozy!

    I tried this sandwich at Acre, a great spot near our office, and it's incredible! It's such a simple delicious combo that I've even recreated at home a few times.

    This is a great episode of How I Built This with Melanie Perkins, the founder of Canva, which is a tool we use often at Fewer Finer!

    Lately, about once a week I go for a run with no phone and no music. Maybe this is a given to some, but it's a novel idea for me - I'm always listening to or reading something and the silence has been amazing.

    I love these oversized napkins, they add some color to the table and are better for the environment!