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Five Fine Things - Red-Eye Edition

" I try everything I can to avoid a red-eye flight at all costs, but sometimes, like when heading to Europe, it's unavoidable. When I must - here are the essentials that really make a difference! The key here is to keep this stuff together, and don't use it for anything else, so when you're planning for travel, it's set to go!"

- Madison

This multi functional tote from Lo & Sons makes the perfect carry on!

My favorite travel pillow! The filling is made from Buckwheat hulls!

Get a pair of these for your flight there and a second for the return so you don't have to wash them between. I like these shorter ones, just easier and more likely to use for me! 

An absolute necessity for any red-eye flight!

My ideal travel outfit consists of these pants from All Saints that are comfortable enough to sleep in, a black tank top, a pullover sweater, and white sneakers.

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