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The Making of a Piece: The After School Snack Ring

As a kid, my mom would often pick us up from school and take us to our favorite bakery in Cleveland, On the Rise, to grab a quick snack. 

My siblings would usually choose things like cookies and cinnamon rolls, but my go to was always an entire baguette! I still love a good baguette, but that love has also expanded to baguette cut diamonds. What better way to honor both but with jewelry? The After School Snack ring was born!

I still laugh at the thought of  me and my brothers and sisters all packed into the back of my Mom's car with our treats, getting crumbs everywhere! This piece is such a nice daily reminder of those small childhood memories, especially now that we are all adults living in different cities across the country.

I hope you love this piece as much as I do!

Until next time,

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