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    Per Diem: Stevie Rose Adams

    Per Diem is a series that profiles interesting people's everyday jewelry and the stories behind it. Stevie Rose Adams is a clean makeup artist and the Head of Education for Saie.

    “I’m from West Hartford, Connecticut and have called New York City home for 5.5 years. I grew up performing, both singing and dancing, which is how I first fell in love with makeup and beauty. I would come hours early to get everyone ready for the shows and it was just fun. I loved being in a room full of excitement and it distracted me from my own nerves. Being a performer also introduced me to jewelry - I’ve always loved experimenting with looks that feel a little out of character. I’ve never wanted to be plain!”

    “For college, I planned to study Vocal Performance and Environmental Studies programs equally but the deeper I got into looking at schools the more I realized I wanted to keep music a passion and that there was something about Environmental Studies that really interested me. I ended up at The University of Vermont, where I started learning that personal care products and food are not super regulated by the FDA. That was 10 year ago and still, in 2022 it’s like the wild wild west. The further I got into my degree, I started to realize that I didn’t have the desire to be a farmer or spend my day-to-day testing water samples, all while getting more and more fired up about how fucked up the beauty space is. There is so much pressure to wear makeup, and I had reached a point personally where I didn’t feel comfortable without it but also recognized that it was potentially compromising my health. So I started digging into the beauty world, studying safe cosmetics, sustainable ingredients, and anything that was vaguely related. This all culminated into an internship at Tata Harper on their Vermont based farm. It was the perfect introduction to the world of luxury clean beauty."



    “Following school, I was working for Neiman Marcus in Boston and came to the realization that I really didn’t like makeup in the traditional sense. I always tried to put more on than I was comfortable with and didn’t like the way I looked in makeup. This led me to discovering my personal style - a more fresh and natural approach. The idea of using makeup to change someone’s face feels so toxic and outdated. The new idea of glamour is all about simplicity and ease - a routine that allows you to get on with your day. Women can truly be anything now, so beauty isn’t just for the bored housewife anymore - it needs to modernize.”

    “Just like makeup is all about adornment, mood and personal style, my approach to jewelry is very similar. I feel just as naked without my rings as I do without my signature dewy complexion. They’re both a part of my expression. And then there are the pieces or makeup looks that I save just for special occasions–like a bold red lip or my chunky turquoise necklace.”


    Stevie wears her own Cowgirl Boot Earring and Diamond Dip Thread Through Earring, styled with the String Lights Hoops.

    “I actually worked at a jewelry store in college called Tradewinds in Burlington, Vermont, which is where I got my signature chunky turquoise ring. The owners would travel the world every year to source and find really eclectic and unique pieces. I love turquoise and also often wear this cuff I got on the side of the road in Arizona while driving from LA to Telluride for a bluegrass festival. The other turquoise cuff I found at a farmers market in Woodstock, NY for only $50. Such a steal for real sterling and such a cool, vintage piece. I wear it every day now! So many of my pieces are mementos from travels - I got this bracelet in Mexico when I went for a friend’s wedding and loved it but it was too long, so they offered to remove a link and turn it into a necklace! I’m also usually wearing my vintage watch that I found in Miami.”



    Stevie wears her own watch and bracelets and the Scalloped Tennis Necklace.

    “I got my revolver necklace in Montana at a jewelry store that I had actually been to in middle school. My best friend's grandma took us on a trip to ride horses at a dude ranch and I remember going to Bozeman for a few hours and we stumbled upon this jewelry store, but since I was in middle school I didn’t have money to spend. I went back to Bozeman in 2016 to do wedding makeup and found myself back in the same store and everything was 50%, so I got a ton of stuff! I love this piece so much, and my boyfriend, Matt, was wearing his version from a brand For Those Who Sin when we met. From there we kept finding more weird things in common and he’s my person. I love wearing them together. My Logan Hollowell Snake Necklace was a gift from Matt for my birthday. He prides himself on being a great gift giver. I never take it off, I like how discreet it is, it’s so suitable for every day and it’s a really nice layering piece. It also has very small diamonds in it, and it’s the first piece with diamonds I’ve ever worn!”

    “I swap out my earrings from time to time but am usually always wearing my Fewer Finer Cowgirl Boot Studs! Funny enough, coming from a girl originally from Connecticut, I’ve always had a little cowgirl in me. I rode western style for a few years when I was young and my favorite vacation I’ve ever been on was in middle school to a dude ranch in Montana where we rode horses on the mountains for a week. These studs not only compliment my style but also are a nice reminder of some really fond memories. Another piece I’m usually wearing is my Fewer Finer Diamond Dip Threader. I purchased this one on the spot not realizing how much I would be obsessed with it. Madison put it on me and I couldn’t let her take it off. It gives such a cool yet refined edge and compliments the other 4 piercings I have so well. It adds dimension and is really eye-catching. Plus, since I’ve always been a silver girl–I love that with the Cowgirl Boot Studs and the Diamond Dip Threader, I’m now getting playful with mixing metals and I am so into it!”


    Stevie wears her own turquoise ring, styled with the Diamonds in the Cuff Bracelet.