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Five Fine Things - 3/15

"The ethos behind Fewer Finer is all about better things, and less of them. Rather than minimalism, it's about surrounding yourself with things you love. Ones with meaning, story, and personality. Five Fine Things highlights some of the pieces of my life that fall into the fewer, finer category; one that encompasses people, places, and physical things."

- Madison

One of my favorite salads at a Lower East Side Greek Restaurant is a classic Greek salad with a giant crouton in the middle of it! I found these Tsiknakis Rusks at my local Astoria grocery store and have been recreating it at home. It's so good and nothing at all like what I think of when you refer to a regular American crouton, try it!

I love following Allison's Instagram account and watching her videos. She does an amazing job of "layering" an outfit in the same way you would a recipe. You need her on your Instagram feed!

I love this brand, Lelet NY and everything they offer. It's all kinds of luxe hair accessories and they are all made in NYC!

I recently bought the green version this Mrs. Mandolin pitcher (and some other goods from their shop!) and I just love the look and feel of this piece! Serve lemonade, cocktails, or use it as a vase with botanicals & flowers.

A really nice luxe hair product that I've been loving. I also love, love the scent! It instantly hydrates your hair and has all the essential vitamins and antioxidants your hair needs.

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