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    Per Diem: Nácar Reyes

    Per Diem is a series that profiles interesting people's everyday jewelry and the stories behind it. Nácar Reyes is a colorist, stylist, and founder of the NYC based salon, The Studio NR.

    “I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico - a beautiful island in the Caribbean. When I was about 12 years old, I studied with a fashion designer in Puerto Rico and dreamt of one day moving to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. I started coming to the city in the summers as a teenager to stay with my sister and take classes. Once I finally made the move, I realized my dream had shifted and I enrolled in beauty school. While in school, I worked as a receptionist at a boutique salon in Chelsea and it just clicked. I finished beauty school as quickly as possible because I learned more working at the salon and loved being there. I'm so happy I found a way to make a living doing something that I truly enjoy!” 

    “I have always loved jewelry and feel naked without it. My mom and dad both had a great sense of style and were both very into jewelry. My mother’s collection is a walk back in time throughout the decades. She has everything from pearls to a solid gold nameplate ring. She loves to switch up her looks and keep it fun and interesting. My dad, a dashing tall Afro-caribbean man, was also very into jewelry but his style was characterized by more classic staples. Some of my most treasured everyday pieces come from his collection.” 

    “I can't get my day started if I'm not wearing earrings and a watch. Watches need to be durable for me because my wrists are in and out of water throughout the day. Since it’s one of the things I wear the most, it is important to me that they be well made, but I still prefer a very elegant design. Both my watches are vintage and were gifts from my fiancé, Logan. He has a great eye for design and consistently impresses me with how good he is at picking out jewelry, but also sees the value in collectable investments. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date is extra special because it was produced in his birth year. I love the Cartier Tank for how ‘casual’ the leather band feels - it's an understated beauty."


    "I very rarely switch my earrings. I like putting on the same ones almost everyday and keeping it easy. I usually stick with these Vintage Diamond Hoops - I saw them in the window of a vintage jewelry store in the Lower East Side and just had to have them. I love vintage jewelry. Almost all of my pieces are vintage because I don’t really believe we need new things. I like reusing, from jewelry to take out containers, and ultimately it's better for the planet. Vintage jewelry also feels very romantic to me because it has an unknown history."


    "Another pair of earrings I love are these Gold Nugget Diamond Studs from Love Adorned. They are not your average stud, but very simple and classic nonetheless. I thought gold nuggets were so different and edgy."

    "Being that I work with my hands all day, rings can be tricky. I love to wear them but can be forgetful when it comes to taking them on and off, so I sometimes avoid them. My most treasured ring, and most recent addition to my hand, is my Multi Shape Alternating Diamond Engagement Ring. I had no idea what it was going to look like or even that it was coming! I had gone jewelry shopping with a girlfriend and sent Logan pictures of a bunch of pieces I liked. Since we both love jewelry, the conversation wasn't out of the norm. When he proposed, I was shocked and more than pleasantly surprised! He had the ring custom made to be an improved version of the one I had sent him. It’s unique and thoughtful, which is what an engagement ring should be for me. It looks so chic with a simple gold band too."


     "My other day-to-day ring is a Cartier Love Ring. Cartier is such a classic and unlike the other pieces of the collection, you can take it off. If I'm looking to make more of a statement, I'll wear my Bulgari B.zero1 Ring. I love how unique the design is."

    "One of my most cherished pieces that was passed down from my Dad is his Gold Chain Necklace. It is such a stunner - I get asked about it all the time from all kinds of people because it is truly a universally perfect size chainlink. My Gold Anklet is another simple and chic piece from my dad, who also wore it. I like to think a lot about how I am who I am because of him. I know my sense of style and the way I wear what I do, is certainly his and I'm proud of that."



    "I think fine jewelry is a privilege, so whether you hit a milestone or a goal, it’s a treat that if you can give to yourself you absolutely should. And if you’re just starting out your collection, celebrate yourself before you celebrate someone else!" 

    - As told to Fewer Finer