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    Five Fine Things - 1/23

    "The ethos behind Fewer Finer is all about better things, and less of them. Rather than minimalism, it's about surrounding yourself with things you love. Ones with meaning, story, and personality. Five Fine Things highlights some of the pieces of my life that fall into the fewer, finer category; one that encompasses people, places, and physical things."

    - Madison

    I'm hoping these Miklos Blue Light glasses from CADDIS will help with watching screens in the evening hours. Love them in Fewer Finer green color!

    Cute and comfy! I was never a robe person until now. I love the simplicity and the quality material of the Hill House Hotel Robe - the perfect cross between absorbent and plush. It's men's but the S/M works well! 

    A revolutionary way to moisturize. The Kate McLeod Daily Stone is totally different from lotion and is a huge upgrade in the cold, dry winter months. 

    The perfect crunch. Once you try Sqirl's Puffed Granola, you may never go back! The secret is adding baking soda - which also make you feel like you are back in high school science class!

    I love Trays - I have them in all spaces of our apartment to cluster little things that "spark joy".  Here is a roundup of some I have and love, starting with this CB2 Dark Green Leather tray.
    This Jonathan Adler Arcade Lacquer tray adds a really fun pop of color to every home!
    This Tizo Lucite tray from Bloomingdales takes a different approach to color!
    The Burke Decor Toppu tray is an elevated but whimsical option.
    This Art Alternatives Enamel Butcher Tray is the perfect way to enjoy snacks on the couch. It's a score on Amazon!
    I love H&M Home for affordable decor and this Rattan Tray doesn't disappoint.