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    Per Diem: Katy Schuele Scanlan

    Per Diem is a series that profiles interesting people's everyday jewelry and the stories behind it. Katy Schuele Scanlan is a fitness trainer at The Sculpt Society, model, actress, and former New York Knicks dancer living in Brooklyn, NY. 

    “I grew up in Wisconsin but moved to New York 10 years ago to go to college at Marymount Manhattan for modern dance. My best friend from home was going to Fordham, where she met and became friends with Madison! I would ditch my leotard and tights and go up to the Bronx to hang out with them and  get what I considered a ‘real college experience’. Madison and I got to know each other then and have become closer and better friends over time.” 

    “Although I didn’t become a Fewer Finer fan until Madison started the business in 2019, I have always loved jewelry. As a kid I would borrow stuff from my Mom’s collection, and in fact, I still do! As I’ve grown up, I’ve started to build my own collection and invest in pieces that are meaningful to me.”

    “After graduating from college with my BFA, I was set on becoming a concert dancer but as I started auditioning I was mostly booking commercial jobs. I ended up auditioning for the Knicks City Dancers and got it! It was a very surreal moment because over 600 women auditioned and only about 20 actually made the team. It was literally the best thing that has ever happened to me - I gained a whole second family immediately, and those girls are now my best friends and like sisters to me. I loved getting to perform in front of 20,000 people every week and just absorbing the energy inside of Madison Square Garden for those games, it was absolutely electric. Not to mention we got to work with amazing choreographers. I spent 3 seasons with the team and I’m so thankful every day for the experience.”

    “As a Knicks City Dancer, we were not allowed to wear any personal jewelry when we were performing, so I was mostly wearing whatever they would give us, which was costume jewelry and hoops. I was still very much in my hustle stage so I didn’t have much of a collection at this point anyway, but I do always love a good hoop!”

    “After years of running from gig to gig and audition to audition as a dancer, I started to crave something that would give me a little more consistency and stability which led me to become a trainer for the Sculpt Society! It has been such a perfect fit because it’s very performance based and allows me to stay in shape while still getting to be creative and connect with women. Although this job was born out of a necessity for more stability, it has really become my passion!”

    “This job still gives me enough flexibility that I can pursue acting opportunities. I have been in a few music videos and commercials, and was recently in an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Early in my career I wanted to do everything live, but as I’ve gotten older being on camera is more satisfying and rewarding.”

    “Around this time I started to make the investment in my own jewelry collection. I really love quality pieces that I can wear everyday and will hold up with my active lifestyle. I would much rather spend my money on jewelry and handbags than clothing - an outfit just isn’t fully complete unless you have something shiny and pretty to go with it! I think accessories are how you can make an outfit look really high end and luxe.”

    “I have a bunch of jewelry that I wear every single day, but I would say the main star is of course my engagement ring. My husband picked it out without any inspo from me and he did really really well! The diamond is vintage and hand cut and feels so special. We have matching Fewer Finer Simple Gold Bands as our wedding bands. I wanted something simple that would let my engagement ring shine and I love the look of the yellow gold with the platinum.” 

    “My husband, Matt Scanlan, is the founder and CEO of NADAAM, as well as Thakoon, Something Navy, and Ivory Ella. It’s been so inspiring to watch him leave his career in finance to grow these companies and become a true entrepreneur. I help him behind the scenes with NADAAM's social media and it’s really special to be able to contribute to something he’s so passionate about. I also helped create a line for NADAAM called Movement, made of the perfect cashmere-lycra blend for all activities. Product testing cashmere as a favor is a pretty great perk of our marriage!”

    “We got married in 2020 and I was given jewelry by a few family members as really meaningful gifts. My mother-in-law is from Mississippi and
     apparently it's customary to pass down an heirloom at the bridal shower. Allison gave me her beautiful diamond encrusted locket and put a picture of Matt and I on the inside, which was so thoughtful and sentimental. For my ‘something blue’ on our wedding day, I wore this Sapphire Ring from my mom. It was supposed to be ‘something borrowed’ as well, but I guess I’m still borrowing it because I’ve worn it everyday since! I wear it stacked with a ring that was gifted to me by a couple that are very close family friends - two English gentlemen who are both like a grandfather to me.The ring was Al’s mother’s wedding ring and is from the turn of the century.” 

    “Our wedding was originally planned for August 1st, 2020 but when the nation went into lock-down due to Covid-19, we knew pretty quickly that the wedding that we dreamed of was not going to happen in the near future. We really couldn’t think that the world revolved around us at this crazy time, so we rescheduled for 2021, but as quarantine dragged on, we realized we just wanted to be married and start our life together. We took the next available date at our venue and planned a micro-wedding with thirty guests in six weeks. On September 5th, 2020, we were married in a Catholic ceremony at the most breathtaking church, which overlooks Lake Michigan. It felt like we had this overwhelming spirit of love surrounding us - It was the fairytale wedding that I dreamt of when I was a little girl, but even better.”

    “Matt also gave me a very special piece of jewelry as a wedding gift - a vintage French Love Token from Fewer Finer. Besides the romantic line (French for I love you more and more each day, today more than yesterday but less than tomorrow''), this piece feels extra personal because rubies are Matt’s birthstone and diamonds are mine. I usually wear the token clustered with two other charms, both from my Mom. One is a Roberto Coin diamond encrusted K for Katy (my mom has a C for Carol), and a key which my mom has the matching heart too.”

    “Another everyday piece is a Roberto Coin cross necklace that I bought for myself. I just wanted something really delicate that I never had to take off and looked good alone or paired with other necklaces. I also always wear this signet ring on my pinky - it’s actually my great great grandmother’s class ring. She graduated from Hartford High School in 1919 and my parents just found it tucked away in a random box when they were cleaning up around the house at some point. It fits my pinky perfectly and I love being able to wear something that’s over 100 years old every day. I also always wear this K bracelet, which was a gift from my cousin for being her Maid of Honor.”

    “Another piece that always gets a ton of questions is my Fewer Finer Thread Through Chain Earrings. I wear these everyday and I don't even feel them in my ears - I sleep in them, I can do anything in them, they just complete every outfit while still being super simple. Seriously such a staple!”

    “My first big investment piece that I bought was actually a Fewer Finer Worry Stone. I bought it as a birthday gift to myself and it just felt really good to support a friend’s small business when it was just starting while also getting something I loved that felt really unique. It’s been so fun to watch the business grow as both a friend and a customer!”

    “Another really special Fewer Finer piece I have is a vintage diamond bracelet that Matt bought me for my birthday. I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and when he gave it to me we were still in early quarantine days, but I was so excited about it that I just wore it around the house with my pajamas! I always get so many compliments on it and it’s probably my favorite statement piece. I really love vintage jewelry because it comes with a built in story.”

    - As told to Fewer Finer