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Per Diem: Hannah Perry

Per Diem is a series that profiles interesting people's everyday jewelry and the stories behind it. Hannah Perry is an illustrator, multi-media artist, and urban farmer living in Brooklyn, NY.

“Jewelry can be tricky for me since I rotate between digging in the soil, submerging my hands in clay, or cleaning paint brushes. My mom kept a garden throughout my childhood in Bucks County, PA, but it wasn’t until I discovered WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in college that I absolutely fell in love with farming. I realized how important it was to connect with the earth and support my local communities through food growth and distribution. I started farming in NYC with a non-profit organization with 7 farms across the city. This year I am working with a rooftop farming company and split my time across multiple farms.”

“My grandmother gave me a Tiffany's Locket when I was born and had it engraved with my initials. My parents held onto it for safe keeping until my 18th birthday and I’ve worn it ever since. Over the years the locket has been close to being lost many times. Whether it be losing it on the beach, the chain breaking on the farm, and many more similar stories. Somehow, I have always found it. It's like it didn't want to be lost.”

“After another recent almost loss, I upgraded my chain to the Amsterdam Chain. The importance of a durable and sturdy chain was evident after so many close encounters."

“I wear my Vintage Girlfriend Hoops  24/7. They are cute and simple, yet don't restrict my day to day tasks on the farm or the studio.”

“Jewelry stays with me and becomes part of me.”

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