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Classic Rectangle Charm

This Classic Rectangle Charm can be worn in so many different ways- on its own, short or long, clustered with other collected pieces; It's a classic! This charm- with its shape, weight, edges, and fixed bail - was made with intention and design integrity. It's a beautiful blank slate - lovely on its own or great for customizing with engraving or added stones (think diamonds, sapphires or rubies).

  • 14k yellow gold
  • Extra Small size measures 10.5mm tall by 5.25mm wide, not including bail
  • Small size measures 15.5mm tall by 8mm wide, not including bail
  • Large size measures 20mm tall by 10mm wide, not including bail
  • Extra Large size measures 25mm tall by 13mm wide, not including bail
  • Please be in touch with any requests for customizations
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for production if the piece is described as "made to order," as this piece is made to order just for you. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping if the piece is described as "ready to ship.”  

Interested in adding an engraving to this piece? Add Laser Engraving or Hand Engraving to your order and our team will be in touch to clarify design details and provide an accurate quote for the project! Please provide any specifications you can about text, fonts, and layout. Pricing for hand engraving starts at an additional $300 and laser engraving starts at an additional $150, but more detailed and elaborate designs will incur additional costs. Pricing only applies to engraving one side of the charm.