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    Finding Your Jewelry Sizes

    Finding your Ring Size

    Finding the ring size that fits you best is easy with the right tools! We recommend using a ring sizer for the most accurate size. This one is our favorite: Ring Sizer. To use a ring sizer, try on different sizes and see which ring size fits you best. 

    You can also have your finger sized by a local jeweler and ask for your US ring size. Keep in mind that wider rings, such as the Fig Leaf Ring, Cigar Band, and Smoke and a Pancake Ring, will have a more snug fit so we recommend sizing up a half size for these rings. We cannot be responsible for determining your ring size as it is a personal preference but we will do our best to help guide you.

    Some Tips 

    • If you are between two ring sizes, go with the larger one.
    • It is ideal to take the measurement at night when your hands have likely swelled from the day. 
    • Your body temperature is important when taking your ring size and could lead to an inaccurate measurement. If you are very hot or cold, your finger sizes tend to change. 
    • If you are still unsure, we recommend visiting a local jeweler.
    • We do not offer quarter sizes unless it is a custom piece. 

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    Bracelet and Watch Sizing 

    We carry bracelets in a variety of lengths. We like a closer fit on our bracelets, but the choice is yours! To measure your wrist, use a flexible measuring tape and measure loosely around your wrist to gather generally what size you are. Be sure to start the measurement where the measuring tape states “0”. If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, use a ribbon, and then measure it against a ruler.  Once you have the wrist measurement, we recommend adding 1.5 cm to your wrist measurement to ensure that the bracelet is not too tight. You can ultimately add or subtract centimeters depending on how you like your bracelets to fit - loose or tight. 

    If you are looking for a custom length for a bracelet in our collection, please reach out to info@fewerfiner.com and we would be happy to help.

    For Cuff Bracelets

    The regular bracelet sizing rules are different for cuffs because they cannot bend and the opening space on each size has different measurements. To make sure the bracelet will fit your wrist, measure your wrist height and compare it to the openings of the bracelet. A cuff is put on the side of the wrist, not over the top 

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    Do you offer resizing? 

    We do, for a fee. Please keep in mind not everything can be resized. Depending on the piece, the fee can vary. It is best to email info@fewerfiner.com with images and the size adjustment you need to get the best estimate.