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    Per Diem: Mally Goldman

    Per Diem is a series that profiles interesting people's everyday jewelry and the stories behind it. Mally Goldman is a marketing consultant and professional tastemaker. 

    "I grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey, a town about 30 minutes outside of NYC. I moved to LA when I was 18 to go to school at USC and I've been here ever since! Outside of my family and friends, I love the sunshine, long walks and pilates, iceddecaf lattes, shopping, the beach, traveling and my work!" 

    "I have worked in influencer marketing for the past 6+ years, most recently in-house for Parachute Home and FabFitFun. In October 2021, I decided to go out on my own and start consulting for newer brands on their influencer strategy! I love getting in early and helping brands develop a plan to utilize talent to reach their goals." 

    "As much as I love working on the brand side, I also love being the talent and creating content of my own. When COVID hit, like many, I had a little extra time on my hands and I have always loved shopping. My claim to fame is that I was voted Best Dressed in high school! Anyways, I started buying all these matching sweat sets and sharing my finds with friends and it all kind of spiraled from there. I thought if my friends love what I share, I wonder if everyone else would be interested too! So I just gave it a go. I started posting on my personal instagram and I still can't believe the way it took off and has continued to grow. I'm obsessed with what I do!" 

    "I have always loved jewelry because my mom loves jewelry and let’s be honest, I love what she loves! For every big birthday, anniversary, and milestone in my family, we always do a new, special piece, so most of my jewelry has been gifted by my parents or husband. I usually know the next piece on my wish list and try to score it for a special occasion! I definitely wear my same pieces every single day but for a fun night out or a special event, I like to change it up! A fun earring is usually my go-to." 

    "Of my adult collection, I think receiving my Rolex for my college graduation was the most meaningful. My mom got a watch from her parents for her graduation so it's a tradition in our family and I remember being so jealous when my sister got hers three years prior! I love that it's engraved withFight On! and my graduation date."

    "I got married in February 2020 (what timing!) to the love of my life, Ben, and always wear my engagement ring and wedding band. My ring is a gorgeous round stone with baguettes and it’s exactly what I wanted. I had tried on friends rings, knew what I wanted and made sure my mom knew to help Ben when the time was right." 



    "I always get so many questions about my charm bracelet and it is one of my favorite pieces! It originally belonged to my mom and she passed it down to me at my bridal shower. It had the original charm on it, a heart with my mom's monogram, and she had added a second heart charm with a monogram of my married name! I couldn't stop crying, it was so special! Since then, I have added a charm that was my great grandmothers with my dad's name and birthday on it, a palm tree for my first wedding anniversary (we got married in palm springs!), a dog for my second wedding anniversary (Ben and I have the sweetest labradoodle puppy, Sadie!) and a straw hat for my love of fashion! I wear it every single day." 

    "My other everyday staples are diamond earrings that I got for my 25th birthday from my parents, a Van Cleef necklace that I got for my 27th birthday, and a gold signet ring on my pinky which was a gift I got myself after my wedding with my new monogram!" 


    "I love how every piece of jewelry I wear reminds me of a special moment or milestone! I will always pick quality over quantity when it comes to my collection. If I have a few pieces I absolutely love, I will wear them non-stop for years and they bring me so much joy every day. They are pieces I hope to pass on some day! That’s the beautiful thing about jewelry, it’s the gift that keeps on giving."