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    Per Diem: Dani Evans

    Per Diem is a series that profiles interesting people's everyday jewelry and the stories behind it. Dani Evans is a model and the Founder and Designer of Monrowe, a unisex line of ready-to-wear hats.

    "I’m Dani Evans - most notably known and recognized as a model but I’m actually more complex and interesting than that!"

    "I was born in the South and moved to NYC when I was 20 years old in pursuit of my dreams. I’d been trying to get to NYC since graduating high school but my parents were not as enthusiastic about the idea! I completed a year of my full paid scholarship at the University of Arkansas before taking my brother’s advice and auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. After winning cycle 6, I moved to New York and never looked back. There is A LOT that happened between then and now but that is the short of it! In 2020 I decided to dissolve my modeling contract and focus on my brand, Monrowe. It’s been a labor of love and also the best decision I’ve made thus far!"

    "I’ve always had an obsession with jewelry since a kid, which is why we’re expanding Monrowe into luxury accessories beyond hats. As a kid I would watch my grandmother, Bobbie Jean, smoke her skinny cigarettes with all her gold rings sitting on her slender fingers. She also had this amazing gold piece for her gap which inspired me to have one made for myself by Dolly Cohen."

    "Jewelry is a part of my expression. I go through seasons of wearing certain pieces on the regular, but If I don’t want to be seen or draw attention drawn to myself, I won’t put on any jewelry. My pieces speak for me without me having to use any words. Jewelry is adornment! It ties my look and aesthetic together so harmoniously."

    "I love buying jewelry for myself! I’m very particular when it comes to jewelry, so I prefer to purchase my pieces. My best friend and business partner bought me a vintage Cartier pinky ring that I wear almost everyday, but that’s a 10 year plus friendship, so he knows me well enough to understand my picky and particular taste!"

    "My most cherished piece that I wear every single day is a necklace made from my beloved dog Kain’s canine tooth. After Kain’s passing, my dear friend and jewelry consultant, Mirta De Gisbert made me an incredibly meaningful piece of jewelry by immortalizing Kain into a dainty, gorgeous necklace. I feel like he’s with me everyday."

    "My nose ring is something that I never take out. Since dissolving my modeling contract, I’ve felt freer to express my true identity. My nose ring makes me feel emboldened and is such a beautiful, classic homage to my African heritage. Which brings me to my next piece - the gold gap piece I had made the first time I went to Paris! My gap is indicative of royalty in the Nigerian culture. What better way to accentuate that than putting gold in it?! Another piece that you will rarely see me without is my evil eye ring from XIV Karats. Nazar or evil eye, wards off all unwarranted heavy and unideal energies. It’s my reminder that I’m heavily protected by my spiritual team."

    "A couple of pieces I don’t wear on a regular basis but that I love are my gold Jesus pendant I got while in Italy at the Vatican and my sterling silver handcuff. It’s just a unique and special piece! I recently added the Kismet Ring to my collection and adore it because it’s dainty and stackable, which makes it great to style with my other daily pieces. Also, I live for a good aligned kismet moment!"