One Fine Day in Todos Santos, Mexico

"To celebrate my 30th birthday, Rich and I took a trip to Todos Santos — a town just 90 minutes north of Cabo, on the Western coast of Baja. To say it was just what I hoped for is an understatement — I absolutely loved the town, our hotel, and every place we ate. I can't recommend it enough, which is why I'm bringing you along on a one fine day journal with all my recs! 
Plus, 5 things I packed for this trip!"

- Madison

1. Aerie Lounge Set - 
This shorts/sweatshirt combo is seriously the easiest thing to put on in the morning on any vacation. I love it so much and wore it more than I should say on most of these past trips! This and this.

2. Cult Gaia Harlow Clutch -  I love to have a good beach bag that functions as a travel tote but I also love having a 'fun' bag too. This way when I dress up at night it makes an outfit feel elevated. I brought this bag from Cult Gaia that I got as a Christmas gift and loved having it and using it almost every night.  

3. Mary's Gone Crackers -  I am someone whose blood sugar is very sensitive… I talk about it probably too much! But a good protein-rich seedy cracker usually stabilizes things and is essential to travel with. I brought both Mary's Gone (everything black sesame is the best flavor) and Ella's Flats, which I LOVE. 

4. Maufrais Hat -  I got this stiff woven Stetson hat recently (from here) and I just love it for a beach vacation. I really love a wide brim, and this one keeps its shape with its stiff structure. If you want to pack a hat, this is not the one. But I don’t mind wearing it on the flight, it makes for a chic plane outfit! 

5. Digestive Enzymes -  I’ve suffered from gut issues for years. When I am on vacation, I don’t want to hold back from any food I want to try. I also drink more (tequila) than usual. Keeping these with me has helped a lot. I take them before I eat if I remember but usually about an hour after and they help more than any other brand I have tried. 

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