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    One Fine Day in Long Island City

    “We are very lucky to get to work with the talented photographer, Daniela Spector, to shoot almost all of our content. Daniela calls Long Island City home and as someone who is very in the know, she was kind enough to share all her favorite spots with us!”
    - Madison


    Take your dog on a walk so he’ll stop hovering right above you with judgmental stares and tiny sighs. After the pandemic, every single household in Long Island City got a dog (don’t fact check me) so it’s very pup-friendly. Grab a cold brew (for you) and a dental chew (for dog) from No Stress. It’s a small shop that makes their pastries daily so you can smell the croissants from down the block. If you want something a little heavier to go with your coffee, head down the street to Corgi Jianbing 可吉煎饼 food truck. Jianbing is a traditional Chinese street food similar to crêpes. Then head over to Murray Park to enjoy your breakfast (for you) and the squirrels (for dog).

    10am | PAGE TURNER

    Pop into Book Culture LIC for a new transit book* and head a couple of doors over to read in the backyard of Partners Coffee
    *Note that a transit book is not a book on transit but a book you only read while in transit, never at home. 



    12pm | SCULPTURE

    Check out the new exhibits at Sculpture Center, a contemporary art museum housed in a former trolley repair shop. The ground floor showcases sculpture work in a way that makes even the largest pieces digestible. The basement often features more experimental multimedia art.



    1pm | LIGHT LUNCH

    Grab a light lunch at MOGMOG, a market specializing in imported fish from Japan. 



    2pm | MORE ART

    Continue the contemporary art tour with MoMa PS1, which was a school in its previous life. The exhibits are tucked away in what used to be classrooms. If you’re lucky, James Turrell’s Meeting might be open and not packed. The site-specific installation allows for unobstructed and abstract viewing of the sky. It’s really special if you happen to go during sunset. Before leaving, stop by their book store and, if you're still hungry, the cafe - Mina’s.



    4pm | SHOPPING

    Browse a couple of shops like Extra Butter (pro-tip they have a solid candy bar) for streetwear or Tucker Robbins’ showroom (by appointment only) a great source for unique, handmade, wooden pieces.



    7pm | DINNER

    Round out the day with dinner and drinks at Top Quality, a modern Mexican spot that’s (hot take) way better than Casa Enrique, despite Casa Enrique’s Michelin star rating. Walk off the tacos at Gantry State Park with views of the water and city.