One Fine Day - Culver City, LA

One Fine Day in Culver City

8am  Makeout

Juice and smoothie bar with great alternative coffee drinks like the nut milk mushroom latte I had two days in a row. Maybe grab a green juice too.

10am  Destroyer

This placeis the number one spot you can not miss if you're anywhere near this area. It's open ust for breakfast and lunch and the food is out of this world. It's the kind of spot that pays such close attention to detail and you really taste that difference. They're famous for their avocado toast – a deconstructed dish that you don't want to miss, even though you'll feel like you could get that anywhere in LA, be sure to get it here. 

2pm  Loqui at Platform

Platform is a cool, new outdoor shopping concept, and you'll want to come here for the best stores in the area. After some shopping, grab tacos at loqui and be sure to get the flour tortillas - they're known for them, and converted a staunch corn tortilla person like myself to love a flour one, too. 

7pm  Hatchet Hall

This place has an incredible menu of farm to table southern inspired food. We loved everything - including the vibe. You feel like you're in the south. Do not miss cornbread with cultured butter, honey, and sea salt. It was the best thing I'd eaten in recent memory, and I still talk about it all the time!

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