Fewer Finer Things No. 1

The ethos behind Fewer Finer is all about better things, and less of them. Rather than minimalism, it's about surrounding yourself with things you love. Ones with meaning, story, and personality. 
"Fewer Finer Things" is something I'll share spontaneously. It highlights some of the pieces of my life that fall in to the fewer, finer category; one that encompasses people, places, and physical things.  


This past week I was in Steamboat Springs, CO for a ski trip with Rich's family. Though I have relatively limited ski experience, it was hands down the best skiing I've done. Steamboat is incredibly beautiful. If you go, I'd recommend going snowmobiling, like we did, on Rabbit Ears Trail and stopping at Smell That Bread Bakery for a real-deal artisan bread baker - something every small town should have!  

I saw this quote this week and loved it:
"I can get obsessed with anything if I look at it long enough. That’s the curse of being a photographer." - Irving Penn

When I was starting Fewer Finer, I reached out to The Moonstoned who I followed on Instagram. She was so incredibly generous with information and connections and I wanted to be sure to shout her out here. Elizabeth, I'm so thankful for the way you rooted me on! Elizabeth sells vintage pieces and has a line of her own. My favorite piece is the thick, pinky, mantra band

Lately, I've been obsessed with Ume Plum Vinegar. It's a Japanese ingredient and I use it on everything from half an avocado, to salads, to rice. It adds a brightness that I'm now sort of addicted to. You can buy ithere

I recently dined atNarcissa, the restaurant at The Standard East Village. Max Blachman-Gentile is the new CDC (Chef de Cuisine, I had to look that up to be sure!) and he has amped up the menu in a serious way since joining. I met Max at a dining event awhile back and have loved followinghis Instagram for photos of bread, primarily sourdoughs, that he's been perfecting over the years. My friends and I used to be groupies to his limited bread sales. Now you can buy loaves daily at Cafe Standard. You can read a great article on his bread processhere

I saw this piece of art in a shop in Brooklyn and archived it right away. I would love to have it framed in my future home. The sand piled up inside this abandoned desert home is mesmerizing. 

My best friend Martha married Gill, the love of her life, this fall. I was just getting ready to launch and Martha was my first customer. We designed wedding bands for she and Gill using Canadian diamonds, a nod to Gill's nationality. They both wore some other pieces from the line. You can read a feature and see more photos from their intimate wedding here

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