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    Hand Engraving

    Hand Engraving

    "The craft of hand engraving is similar to that of a sculptor—the beauty of their work is not what they add but what they take away. This is, by nature, perfectly aligned with the Fewer Finer ethos."

    – Madison Snider, Founder

    The Art of Hand Engraving

    There are only a few hand-engravers left in New York City—it really is a dying art. These artisans spend decades perfecting their craft, each with different flares and carving styles that make their work truly unique. Unlike the computerized process by which so many things are made today, these designs are dynamic, labor intensive and full of character. Each creation is meant to be celebrated for those beautifully imperfect qualities and deep carved lines that make up its captivating detail.   

    *Due to the nature of hand engraving, projects vary in price. Hand Engraving work starts at $150.