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    Custom & Redesign


    “Creating custom work is both an honor and a treat. With each personalized piece, I love the challenge and opportunity to collaborate with someone new.”

    – Madison Snider, Founder

    Option One: 



    Take a favorite piece from the Fewer Finer Collection and personalize: re-adjust to fit your own stones, add additional diamonds, customize chain lengths, and more. 

    Pricing starts at $500. 

    Option Two: 



    Create a one-of-a-kind piece or turn an aged piece into a new everyday style. You will take part in the full design process from casting custom molds to providing inspiration. 

    Pricing starts at $1,500.

    Custom Heirloom Jewelry Redesigns

    There are pieces sitting in our jewelry boxes we can’t part with—whether it’s because of their stones or sentimental value. If these pieces are in your heart but don’t fit your style, we can team up to find a balance that honors the original piece’s integrity but becomes something you’ll never want to take off. Here are some favorite examples!
    This client had a wedding ring she inherited with a good collection of diamonds in it! We removed the stones and created a custom pendant in a shape and size she did not have in her collection, and organically scattered the diamonds on the face of the pendant. 
    This client came to me with a collection of four rings from her mother and grandmother. We took the two main stones - one from each of them - and set them into either side of the Two Pockets Ring. The small stones were start set into the sides of the ring. The idea for this piece was that the client would be wrapped with love by these women from all sides. The end result is a stunning work of art! 
    This client inherited her mother's original engagement and wedding rings and wanted to do something special with them. We could not believe how these rings had been constructed, covering the diamonds and sapphires with a lot of metal that took away from the stone's brilliance. We turned the sapphires into an in-line diamond necklace, adding the single diamond into the mix to keep the engagement ring's stones together in one final piece.