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After a few years of dreaming up ideas for beautiful, wearable, symbolic pieces, Madison launched Fewer Finer in 2018. The brand was created around the idea that there’s an emotional component to those pieces of jewelry you choose to invest in—with time and love they become a staple part of who you are.  

Madison holds her jewelry to an extremely high standard, creating quality pieces that you’ll fall even more in love with as time goes on. Today, Fewer Finer is elevating the industry by bringing that sentimental value and quality craftsmanship to every piece of jewelry. 

Madison Snider Fewer Finer Founder and Designer
A note from the designer: 
Fewer Finer is a fine jewelry brand that embraces casual luxury. Born out of my love for gold and diamonds and the habit of leaving my jewelry on at all times, each piece is thoughtfully designed to be worn everyday.
The materials used throughout the collection have been meticulously sourced to achieve the perfect balance of elegance, quality, and comfort.
Fewer Finer pieces are nearly all made by hand in New York City, with a focus on fine construction and craftsmanship.
I started Fewer Finer in the summer of 2018 after years of dreaming up ideas for beautiful, wearable, and symbolic pieces that could be part of someone’s daily life. To me, jewelry has always been deeply sentimental. Starting this line has been the most rewarding experience of articulating an idea into something physical and personal.
I’ve also had the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people who helped me build this collection from the ground up. It is because of passionate people in highly specialized trades like diamond setting, hand engraving, and ethical gold sourcing that I was able to turn this idea into something real.
The name for the brand came before any designs. The mantra “fewer, finer things” is something I think about often and try to live by. I have a strong appreciation for beautifully made goods that enrich our homes, travels, and expressions of self. In jewelry, especially, I’ve always favored gold and diamonds. Each are materials solid enough to withstand the test of time and special for use in marking occasions big and small. 
Made of 14k gold and natural diamonds, the pieces are made to last and only get more beautiful with time. It is with great excitement and gratitude that I share with you the line of my dreams - small pieces you’ll love and live in.