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A Wedding Set to Marry Old and New

Our clients came to us for a redesign after realizing that the ring that the groom-to-be proposed with, passed down from his grandmother, had become too fragile to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Taking inspiration from the original marquise design, which was actually two triangle diamonds connected by a baguette diamond, we sourced a gorgeous new diamond to serve as the main stone. 

We explored a number of different design options before settling on a solitaire style, east to west setting with platinum prongs and a yellow gold band. We then used the accent diamonds from the original ring to create a channel set wedding band, also in yellow gold.

The result was a gorgeous wedding set made to last a lifetime! We saved the original diamonds that we didn't end up using for another future custom project - hopefully something the bride can wear on her wedding day!

If you're interested in custom bridal or redesign, click here to reach out using the custom design request form on our website!

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